Cloud computing happens to be a very necessary service that most companies require in either a private cloud or mulitcloud environment. If you are looking for a good cloud computing service company, especially in Germany, you have come to the perfect place. I will be listing out some of the best companies that you can choose from. I have provided some additional information about these companies as well. You can make use of this information for your reference and take informed decisions, which will positively impact your company.

All sorts of technology companies require cloud computing services; that is why it is important that we make a good decision when we choose a company that can help us with it.


  • Intellias is an intelligent software engineering company who also does a fantastic job when it comes to cloud computing services. They are a trusted supplier of software development operations in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and more. They have more than 1600 experienced specialists who do a fantastic job at delivering solutions to all kinds of companies, including Fortune 500 companies. They help in leading technology innovators to build successful software products in a huge variety of domains. They have digital consulting services, and they also have some advanced technological services which will help your business when it comes to improving scalability and also it will help it be on top of the always-changing global market. They charge around $30-$50 per hour. They have more than 8000 to 10,000 employees. They are located in Berlin.

  • WebCreta Technologies is an amazing company when it comes to web and mobile application development. In the year 2012, this company was founded. They are a professional web and application development service provider, and they are completely focusing on developing and also delivering business which is completely related to IT solutions. They are located in Munich, Germany. They also have a couple of locations in the United States of America, one being in Los Angeles. They have two more branches located across the planet. They are great at helping customers and organisations by completely developing innovative solutions, and they help organisations with their goals. They also make it safe and secure for them; they have also done a fantastic job at making it easy to do e-commerce, for a lot of companies. They have given fantastic cloud, e-commerce, web-based, mobile application services and solutions to a lot of companies. The hourly rate is supposed to be directly negotiated with the company. I suggest you contact them directly. They have almost 100 employees working for them.

These were some of the companies that I wanted to list out, so that you can have a great experience when it comes to cloud computing services.